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3. "Play" (2021) by Lisa Kwon @burnteyesblahg_doodles

Image of 3. "Play" (2021) by Lisa Kwon @burnteyesblahg_doodles
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Oil on canvas | 12”x12”

“Focus” | “Progression” | “Play”

Is the monster-ized interpretation of what currently feels like a week in the life these days.

Also a fun homage to my fellow monster artists, they depict how I interpreted sketches I inherited from an artists’ monster mash-up game, finding that it was easy to recognize them as specific days and times of the week when shuffled together (specifically, a Monday morning, Friday late afternoon, and a Saturday morning).

These paintings are also my first finished “oil-paint-only" pieces so this project has been a monstrously fun learning experience as well P: